Richie Loop lights up Orlando

It was an excited Richie Loop that returned to Jamaica last Friday from the first half of a tour to the United States (US) East Coast – excited and hungry.

While out on the hunt for breakfast Saturday morning, mere hours after he returned home, Loop revealed to THE STAR that he was very pleased with the outcome of the experience that lasted about a week and a half, and saw him making stops in Orlando and New York. While in New York, he performed at several locations including on the Irie Jam/Digicel float during the West Indian Labour Day parade along with entertainers Elephant Man, Serani, Ding Dong, and Gyptian among others.

“It was exciting, excellent,” Loop said. “I met some wonderful people and people love the record My Cupp.”

He also had several other memorable performances while in the Big Apple.

The love for My Cupp and other songs, was not only felt all over the East Coast. “Right across the board,” he said. “As soon as I started, people were singing along. And Party like It’s Your Birthday, they responded to that as well. They were loving the groove. You know, going to another country and hear people loving your song, it feels good.”

In Orlando, Richie Loop performed at Club Lux along with other Jamaican acts Ce’Cile, Charley Black, Stacious, Kevin Little and DaVille, on a night when the vibe was also excellent.

overseas market

Loop observed that while much of the audiences he performed before were largely Jamaican, those who were not Jamaican were also enjoying the music.

Scikron Entertainment/Big Yard CEO Robert Livingston was equally pleased with the tour.

“They like him a lot. They like his songs, they like his presentation and I am pretty happy for that,” he said.

“We have to keep building on that. When you present an artiste to the media you are not sure whether he will be accepted. However, he still has a lot of proving to do to the overseas market.”

Livingston explained that selling an artiste like Loop can be challenging because of the type of music he does so it is now for the disc jockeys and the people in the urban markets to support him. However, given how confident Richie Loop was, the foundation would have been laid for him to break through.

Loop made seven appearances in New York and tore the place up, Livingston said. “The girls sang his songs and his energy was good,” the Big Yard head honcho revealed.

While there, Loop also got a chance to meet with people from the Krian Music Group, the label distributing Richie Loop’s songs My Cupp and Party like it’s Your Birthday. Several Jamaican acts including Lady Saw, Maxi Priest, Buju Banton, and Sizzla are signed to Krian. According to Livingston Krian, the label accompaniment to the Royalty Network Inc. is willing to put its money and support behind the rising Jamaican star.

Richie Loop leaves Jamaica again this weekend for the second leg of the tour which will take him to Rhode Island and Connecticut. He will do radio interviews and host a press conference during which he will try to make further inroads into the US market.

Source: JamaicaStar


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