Rich The Kid – Real Deal Lyrics

rich-the-kid-trap-talkh THe Kid

You know ni**as talking about this man
I’m bout to f**k 100,000 right now
Aye, dang, woah

(Chorus – Rich The Kid)
F**k on your bi**h and I leave
Can’t cuff her, I’ma mistreat her
Trap phone got a beeper
It was talking to the people
Momma I’m moving to Hollywood
Pick a model in the hills
Wrist, throat, neck, chill
I got the hundreds, a real deal

(Verse 1 – Rich The Kid)
Pick the model in the hills
Percocet, pop a pill
I got the hundreds, real deal
The…is real chill
Bi**hes busting out the gate
You would take her on a date
Cum on her face, make a mess
More bullets for the tec
Melrose with the O’s
Take a picture for some hoes
Take a picture for some hoes
I’m dabbing around with a bankroll
She’ll f**k for Chanel
You was talking to the 12
I was playing with a scale
Baby ship it through the mail

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2 – Quavo)
I was playing with a scale
F**k ni**a gong tell
Dab sharp like nails
Two guns, sonic tails
Free block gang
Baby powder in the mail
Finesse a ni**a, I’m a player
Then I move to the Himalayas
Shell catches no shells
Cooking gas in the L
F**king hoes on film
In case the bi**h wanna tell
Try and lie and say I ate the bi**h
We done run up through the whole clique
I don’t really f**k with atheists
Crosses on my neck, I’m banking it
Beast mode, can’t tame it
Skippa got the chopper, aiming it
And we ain’t shooting at your legs
And we ain’t shooting at the pancreas
QC, the label dangerous
I got a bi**h, finna wrang a bi**h
Hold the squad down, anchor it
And my money counter accurate

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 3 – Famous Dex)
I got the hundreds, a real deal
All my diamonds on chill
Real gold or ice grill
Rozay and lean, crack the seal
Momma I’m moving to Hollywood
Almost broke, now I’m good
Three grams in my wood
Yeah I got it out the mud
I’m riding round in this foreign
All these bi**hes yeah they going
All this money man coming
All these f**king blue hundreds
And no I don’t wear the Margielas
And Yeezys on, check the weather
Two bi**hes flapping like they feathers
I’m balling hard, I’m like, yeah

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 3 – Offset)
I won’t take a bi**h up on a date
S**king d**k and then we fornicate
Like a dirty pistol, she a throw away
I’m going through it so I pour away
My wrist is cold like a blizzard
I think that bi**h is a ho but I miss her
Got it out the mud to a Fisker
Young ni**a been grinding hard for a minute
I’m a savage and a menace
I be thugging, f**k an image
I got action for you acting ni**as
Man the…diamond dancing ni**a
You a lil bi**h, lil ni**a
I’m a big young rich ni**a
I sip out the seal my ni**a
One Actavis bottle your bills my ni**a
I’m whipping still, I cook up…fish
Don’t trust no ho cause a bi**h gon be a bi**h
Don’t trust no ni**a cause it’s cool to be a sni**h
That ni**a was talking too much so it’s cool to hit him with clips

(Repeat Chorus)


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