Rich The Kid – I Just Might Lyrics


Hello? Trap
Hello? Trap
Woah, aye

I just might just cum on her face
I just might just go buy the Wraith
I just might go to Japan
Overseas for the bands
I was broke, got a Lamb
Pull up, bi**hes like damn
No credit card, that’s a scam
Take the pot, I’m goin HAM
I f**ked that bi**h in Givenchy
Walking around with a 50
I done got rich, money filthy
I’m in New York come in Diddy
Look at my Rollie, the ice
Pu**y so good, f**k her twice
Take the whole cake, f**k a slice
She ride this d**k like a bike

(Verse 1)
I just might pour up a pint
I’m sipping the dirty with Sprite
That’s your bi**h f**k her twice
Walking round with the ice
I just might fly to Japan
I just woke up with the bands
Serving the pu**y out there
No I’m balling like the Cavs
Take the pot, Stephen Curry
Put your bi**h in
Money trouble too scary
Me and money got married
Taking the pu**y, I beat it
You loving the pu**y, you eat it
Broke ni**a you funny
Balling all this money
I make a note when I f**k her
She s**k the d**k like a s**ker
I run the bi**h like a trucker
I hit the bi**h like I snuck her
I got the money, no pressure
Walking around with the extras
I put that bi**h on a stretcher
I’ma…no flexing

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
Racks bust out the Balmain
F**king that bitch I don’t kiss her
I pass the ho out to Flipper
She got ass like a stripper
Geeked up, geeked up
Now I’m charging 50 racks for the feature
I’m balling hard in the bleachers
I’m walking with salad like caesar
I had to run for the money
None of my ni**as stay hungry
All of my ni**as 100
I had the check that they wanted
I had to work for the spot
Now she drop it like it’s hot
You a cuffer like a cop
Put a lock on a box
I hit a ho with a switch-a-roo
I f**k her aunt in my Jimmy Choos
I’m in the streets and a movie too
Shawty a foreign, she love the crew
I nut on her face
I…my waist
I got out of jail, beat the case
I’m walking around with the K

(Repeat Chorus)

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