Article By: Kemar Daswell

Smirnoff Jamaica again did it, with Nightlife Exchange Project London meets Jamaica or Jamaica meets London whichever way you want to take it the flight was intense and on arrival it was pure bliss. The anticipation of this event was higher than having wait up to see Kartels television show Teacher’s Pet.

Smirnoff Nightlife Exchange project took place on the manicured lawns of the Botanical Gardens (Hope Gardens), under a clear sky and a cool winter breeze from the North. The night was ready and set for pure London excitement and the patrons and supporters of brand Smirnoff were out in thousands to party the night away to music from Sanjay (Coppershot), EngineRoom and DJ Babey Drew (Chris Browns official DJ). Alongside their fashionably loud and pulsating friends, as the theme ‘London Swag’ was truly enforced by those who turned out to the event. It was more than having a fashion show on display as some of the islands top socialites and party revelers donned the latest in fashion trends, from clothing to hair to shows and accessories, it was indeed the pre-launch of the fashionable Christmas season to come.

Well let’s now put the party to the test, and approach the bar, wow! Is all I had to say when making the first order for the night, there was no hassle in getting to the bar and before one could press send on BBM the drink was ready and waiting for you to take a swig of. It was time to find the spot where the friends would party for the night and drink Smirnoff mixes all night however with the large crowd that was not so easy but after a few turns the spot was found and the air was right. So it’s time now to hear what’s up with the music, can I tell you it was not Smirnoff ready, although it got the venue moving and patrons kicking off heels and the vibe right, the expectations of the three disk jocks hired for musical orgasm for the night was less than a B average student. Sanjay, EngineRoom and DJ Babey Drew could have all been replaced with music from my phone and called it a night. However, with liquor and good company what was not ready seemed minute and totally forgettable as the music still served its purpose and make every single patron move. Even the ‘gangsters and thugs’ were caught shaking a leg now and then to the beats.

Smirnoff definitely got moves like Mick Jagger, and they continue to throw some of the islands best events and endorse some the of the most anticipated calendar events of the year. This is definitely hands down an event to look out for each year, as we welcome the Christmas season.

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