Renaissance go 'Paparazzi' style for Christmas Eve party

Held at the Palisadoes Go-Kart Track, Renaissance has been hosting their Christmas Eve party for over ten years to rave reviews.


While last year Renaissance provided patrons with the ‘Superstar’ edition, this year they are going for the ‘lights and cameras’ effect for the ‘Paparazzi’ edition. Delano from Renaissance told THE STAR, “this year we’re giving people a similar treatment to last year but it’ll be a celebrity experience like you’ll have camera men running you down like you’re a star.”

According to Delano while it’s an all-white affair it should be a fashionable occasion to go along with the ‘paparazzi’ theme. “It’s our big Christmas party and the diehard fans will always come out and have a good time, it’s a Renaissance party and we don’t do this often so it’s always a good time that’s worth your money,” Delano added.

Music will be provided by the Renaissance crew alongside ZJ Liquid, Dutty Dex from Miami who will be doing video mixing, and hosted by Supa Hype with celebrity guest appearances.

Source: jamaica-star

Renaissance All White Christmas Eve Party - Dec.24th

Renaissance All White Christmas Eve Party - Dec.24th

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