Reggae’s New Find Ijahvan Scoring With The World Is In Trouble Single

Just like reggae greats Bob Marley, Buju Banton and Sizzla did with profound messages that impacted the very fabric of society in the zenith of their individual careers such is the impact that this special talent hopes to create with his revolutionary message that is so precisely and simply delivered. This talent is known as Ijahvan, a reggae warrior with the wit, talent and hunger that his break out single entitled The World Is In Trouble illustrates.

 “I don’t see myself as one more one year artiste, the aim is to leave a legacy and continue carrying the brand Jamaica to the world in a positive way just like Bob Marley, Peter Tosh and all the other reggae greats did. I may be young in age but my mind is as vast as the Caribbean sea and I know within myself that I am jah’s vessel sent in this time to change the mindset of the youths of today” stated Ijahvan.

The artiste who was recently featured in several international magazines and newspapers such The New York Weekly, Los Angeles Wire, Music Industry Weekly and Emonthly News says he also believes in giving back to his people via charitable contributions and by being an agent of mindset change.

“I learnt something when I did my Covid-19 treat last year which I spread across two parishes (St. Mary and Kingston). I learnt that many persons were pleasantly surprised that a young artiste was thinking along those lines and since then I have seen several established artistes doing the same which tells me that I have the power to influence those I connect with which is why I will lead with positivity” Stated Ijahvan.

Currently Ijahvan is kept busy adding the finishing touches to his highly anticipated EP which is set to be released later this year. His World Is In Trouble single has already amassed over 800,000 streams combined on YouTube.

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