REDjet the Caribbean’s first Low Fares Airline (LFA)

REDjet is the Caribbean’s first Low Fares Airline (LFA) and is launching a series of low fare routes across the Caribbean. Offering superior reliability, non-stop flights and the lowest fares, REDjet will offer the fastest, most convenient and most affordable way to travel in the Caribbean.

The company is privately owned and incorporated in St. Lucia. Its corporate offices are situated in Grantley International Airport in Barbados where it will open its first aircraft base with its initial two aircraft. It was founded in 2006 by Robbie and Ian Burns and employs 93 people.

REDjet’s initial airports of operation are Bridgetown (Barbados), Port of Spain (Trinidad), Georgetown (Guyana) and Kingston (Jamaica). Fares will be available through our website, call centre and convenient ticket desks in select Digicel Stores. In another first, passengers will also be able to book their low fare online or via our call centre and pay at Bill Direct locations.

Low Fare, Way Better.
REDjet’s fares will start at US$9.99 one-way excluding Government Taxes and Charges and will lower the cost of travel by over 60% on average. These unbeatable Low Fares will enable people to travel freely in the region for the first time. The airline’s ambition is to strive continuously to lower fares even further making air travel affordable for everyone.

1. Low Operating Costs

REDjet is launching during a recession which enables us to benefit from low cost factors of production. Our business model is highly efficient reducing the costs of passenger handling, airport charges and staffing.

2. Low Overhead and Distribution Costs

Corporate offices, expensive marketing and company cars, most certainly not. Quite simply we have the lowest cost overhead by a mile.

3. High Efficiency

The focus on costs extends to hiring pilots and cabin crew on highly flexible performance programmes and highly incentivized corporate office staff. REDjet also has a fast aircraft turn time and any unnecessary processes have been removed. Our efficiency means REDjet can achieve 25 minute turnaround times between flights meaning our aircraft can spend more time in the air making money.

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  1. i like the fact that u are doing this to the Caribbean. people like myself dream as come to a reality of touring the Caribbean and can afford to now, with the low air fare price.

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