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REDjet’s maiden flight from Guyana to Barbados is scheduled to take place on May 11th and CEO and Chairman, Ian Burns is confident passengers will be thrilled by the new service to and from the Norman Manley International Airport.  “REDjet staff and crew have worked long and hard to ensure that the people of Jamaica will have a safe, reliable and affordable service and we look forward to welcoming everyone on board”.


Business Development Director, Robbie Burns said, “Having lived in Jamaica for some time and experiencing, first hand, the headaches associated with inter-regional travel, I am particularly excited to commence service to and from the island.  I have been fortunate enough to experience the many festivals and events as well as natural beauty that Jamaica can boast of and I am happy that REDjet’s fares will allow more people to experience the same”.


REDjet’s application to fly to and from Trinidad is still being processed and has promised to keep customers fully abreast of the latest developments and are encouraging customers to visit the company’s website:


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