REDjet Leading The Caribbean

REDjet – The Caribbean’s Low Fares Airline is today welcomes the CAL Chairman’s statement as evidence that REDjet’s low fares and #1 customer service is leading the way for consumers.

REDjet’s competitor CAL today announced the launch of a so called ‘low cost service’ from Barbados which attempts to replicate REDjet’s low fares and on time performance. However in the same interview CAL’s Chairman stated that they will be seeking ‘higher yields (fares)’ and ‘will try to make money at every opportunity that they can’…. ‘in order to be sustainable by the end of 2012’. The admission by the Chairman that to reduce their losses they will seek more revenues and new revenue opportunities,  means that customers can reasonably expect to pay even more in 2012 than they are already paying in 2011 if they fly with the high fares airline.

These statements came as the high fare airline raised its base fares on the Trinidad to Barbados route, and the Trinidad to Guyana route by over 35% in the past month.

The introduction of competition in the region by REDjet in 2011 has been excellent news for consumers and has resulted now in our competitors trying to copy REDjet. The low fares airline however vowed to continue to deliver even lower fares and even more on time flights in 2012. Speaking this evening, CEO Ian Burns stated that “we are delighted that the other airlines would seek to follow REDjet’s lead but that REDjet would remain #1 for Low Fares and #1 for Customer Service in 2012”.

Ian added that “CAL’s launching of this so called ‘low cost service’ is proof that REDjet is the leader in affordable travel and is the region’s consumer champion”. He added that “Everyone knows that you cannot teach an old dog, or in this case an old bird, new tricks and consumers are not fooled by outlandish claims. At REDjet we are delivering on our promise of Low Fares for everyone and unbeatable Customer Service. Our customers know a good deal when they see one and have been switching to REDjet in their thousands. While our competitors now try to copy REDjet, REDjet is the only airline built to the lowest fares and most reliable service for all of our passengers” He added that “we don’t always get it right 100% of the time but we are already beating our competitors in on time performance and baggage delivery and we will continue to work to make REDjet #1 again for 2012 and thanks all of our passengers who flew with us in 2011”.

Since launching its Low Fares service earlier in the year REDjet the Low Fares Airline has now successfully launched seven routes across the Caribbean and will launch a further seven to eight new routes in 2012.

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