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Kingston, Jamaica:- REDjet, the Caribbean’s Low Fares Airline, has announced that the airlines’ Low Fares from Jamaica to both Barbados and Trinidad will go on-sale as of 8:30am on Friday, September 16, via the airlines’ website and through its call centre and retail locations. The announcement comes after REDjet got the green light to operate in Jamaica from the Civil Aviation Authority, and to the pleasure of local travellers.

“REDjet will commence ticket sales for routes in and out of Jamaica this Friday through our website. Persons will also be able to purchase tickets through our call centres and payment outlets in all the countries where there is a REDjet operation,” said Business Development Director Robbie Burns.

The airline will operate the Barbados to Jamaica and Trinidad to Jamaica routes and is expected to manage the new passenger load with a recently acquired third aircraft. Fares for these routes will start at US$9.99 each way.

“Our first flight to Jamaica will begin on Sunday, November 20 from both Trinidad and Barbados, and we know that many of our customers and regional travellers have been waiting on the launch of these routes,” Burns commented.

He continued saying that the airline will operate flights to and from Barbados twice weekly, and the same will go for the Trinidad. Burns said that having personally lived in Jamaica, he could attest to the current headaches associated with intra-Caribbean travel.

“Intra-Caribbean travel in the past was almost like a passenger asking for a favour. There was no customer service, the fares were exorbitant and the routing was a nightmare,” Burns said.

REDjet is credited with forcing its direct competition, Caribbean Airlines, to radically lower fares, and REDjet’s CEO and Chairman Ian Burns promises that the pressure is not about to ease up.

“We pride ourselves on being a breath of fresh air in regional travel, and we are expanding to meet the needs of our customers and the demand for our service. We’re in this business and in this region for the long haul, and we will continue to have the best and lowest fares,” he said.

The CEO and Chairman also said that REDjet’s fleet will increase to five aircraft, with one aircraft due to be in service by December and another during the first quarter of 2012. Burns also revealed that REDjet also entered into a wet-lease agreement with an airline that has five aircraft that are on standby in the United States, whenever we may need them, reassuring customers that the airline will be able to handle the passenger load.

REDjet’s Call Centre number in Jamaica is 377-2222, and passengers will also be able to book online or via the call centre and pay within 24 hours at a PayMaster bill payment locations island wide to make it easy for those passengers who do not use credit cards.

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Nicolette Warren
Nicolette Warren
8 years ago

I really like the idea of this low cost carrier coming to Jamaica. This is going to help a lot of Jamaicans who dreams of flying. But when are the days that redjet is going to fly to and fro from Jamaica.