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Kingston, Jamaica: Amidst all the tricking or treating that will be happening on the entertainment scene in Kingston this weekend, on Friday, October 29, 2010 at 9 PM the Redbones Blues Café in Kingston will be rocking to the tune of Downstairs, the Jamaican Rock Band. With Redbones being the producers of the coolest live music shows in Kingston, it is unsurprising that Halloween would not be treated any different, the show promises to be a definite spin on what Redbones is known for. Tickets for this un-orthoxed event come at the unbelievable price of $700 each.

Downstairs, a rock band formed out of a few friends from the Kingston College High School in 1994 performed at Redbones on Friday, August 20, 2010, not to a full house, but for rave reviews. Lead vocalist, Brian Jones says, “The show was great and we love the opportunity to do it again, especially on Halloween. We can’t wait, there is lots in store for the patrons, it will be a nice little thrill.”

Downstairs released their first album “Reggae Metal” in 1999, after which they have been on a steady uphill road. One that’s tough, but one they’ve stuck to in the name of authenticity. Loyal fans continue to follow the band and new converts are made with each show. Jones and the band fight hard to create music that is true to the vision. In the widely acknowledged resurgence of live music in Jamaica, Downstairs has re-emerged to make its voice heard again.

Redbones, as we know it, is a Jazz & Blues themed Caribbean Fusion Cuisine Restaurant. Apart from being one of the best eateries in Kingston, it boasts the name of the best little live music spot. The fine dining, excellent service, ambiance, live music and the hippest bar in Kingston city combine to make Redbones irresistible. Redbones has hosted art exhibitions, foreign films, theatrical productions, worldbeat music evenings, vibes verse poetry nights, live Jazz & Blues and now Rock Band Downstairs.

The show will feature musician Jason Warton and promises to be a thrilling night at Redbones Blues Café.

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