Reasons Guys Go To Strip Clubs @JerryLaVigneJr

Watch @JerryLaVigneJr explains the “Reasons Guys Go To Strip Clubs”

Dear …whatever your name is…this here is a video explaining the inner workings of the male human mind. Look here ladies and bitches pretending to be ladies…men need a fuckin escape from shit sometimes and yes we do love the company of heaux, hoes, whores, and or scallywags …you know why cuz they don’t love us…see when yall love and have “expectations” an shit based on you feeling some shit it makes yall asses: crazy, koo koo, psycho, loonies, demonic, and or woman lol But look its all love ladies cuz yall just as dumb as us men cuz yall deal w our slow asses. Just let ah dog roam…he’ll find his way home, fuck! Sorry the screen shot portion is so blurry an shit, just look at your homepage and click “my subscriptions” and share my shit…#RIPshit that is. I think thats all…. Videos twice a week Sunday & Wednesday/Thurs … keep up!

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