Razz & Biggy Touring Across North America

Razz & Biggy are currently igniting audiences across the US and Canada on the extensive ‘Skip to ma Luu’ tour

Friday, April 15, Kingston, Jamaica: Dancehall’s Dynamic Selecting Duo – Razz & Biggy are currently igniting audiences across the US and Canada on their extensive ‘Skip to ma Luu’ tour along with Artistes like Serani, Ding Dong and Bugle the tour started on March 18th and runs until May 7th.

The tour has the set of Dancehall trailblazers energizing venues across Washington, Ontario, LA, Florida, and Chicago amongst others with what has proved to be a slate of unforgettable performances and shows.

After the release of the song of the same name (Skip to Ma Lou) in 2009 locally, its infectious and energetic implied dance moves soon found its way to main stream radio stations internationally and not only became a hit but also a crowd favourite. It is this same vibrant energy that the promoters are promising will be evident on each leg of this tour.

This blend of elements from dancehall is undeniably a great combination and one that will ignite the various audiences which they will be performing for.

Razz & Biggy have built a solid name for themselves over the past 10 years that they have been selectors, thrilling audiences locally and internationally. Over the years they we have witnessed the duo evolving into a well respected force in dancehall, releasing unforgettable mixtapes, delivering pulsating performances, writing and producing a song and even bearing their ‘First Born Riddim’ in 2010.

Serani has had phenomenal success over the last three years, including a good measure of crossover success with his hits No Games, She Loves Me and Skip to My Luu, as well as a slew of Dancehall smashes such as Study People, Stinkin Rich and Mama Still hungry. Touring the US, Canada, Europe, Caribbean and UK, Serani has built a solid fan base with his exciting live set that has already ensured him longevity in the game.

Ding Dong first found fame as a dancer but has had major impact with hit songs Badman Forward, Skip to My Luu and smash hit Holiday. Ding Dong is known as one of the best dancers ever to come out of Jamaica, having been responsible for the invention of many signature moves that have caught fire across dance-floors worldwide. His live performance is a hot mix of music and movement and fans can expect nothing but energy from Ding Dong on this tour.

Bugle has built a reputation as one of Dancehall’s top flight lyricists, with a catalogue of conscious and hard-hitting tracks, such as Journey, What Have I Done To You, Hypocrite Friend and Doh, since bursting onto the scene under the guidance of DASECA Productions. His powerful delivery and stagecraft will provide the perfect edge to Serani and Ding Dong’s larger-than-life sets.

The tour continues to deliver on the promise to execute energy packed performances and memorable stints throughout and patrons will be speaking about it for months to come.

While North America enjoys the selections from Biggy, Jamaica will continue to be dazed by the other half of the duo – Razz, as he will be representing the duo locally for a barrage of shows across the island. The Easter Weekend in Jamaica is hailed by party goers as one of the high points of the party calendar. Razz & Biggy have already been confirmed for many of the ‘must attend’ shows of the weekend.

Dancehall supporters the world over have found favour with the Razz & Biggy not only by their live performances around the turn tables but also from the mixtapes that they compile, this has become evident by the thousands of hits that their website (www.razznbiggy.com) has received since it was published to the web with download links to the Duo’s various mixtapes, but don’t just take our word for it.

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