Razz & Biggy and Dexta Dapps are the Don Daddas

Kingston, Jamaica, August 23, 2011: Dancehall heavy-hitters Razz and Biggy, after playing music on the party scene and Dancehall Circuit for over 10 years, have sought to further expand their musical boundaries with several recent recordings. They have been featured on the smash cross-over hit “skip to my luu” with Serani and Ding Dong among others. They are now at it again with their latest recording of the DASECA produced track ‘Don Dadda’ with the label’s newest talent; Dexter Daps.

Razz & Biggy only recently added artiste to their multi-dimensional portfolio, while still pleasing audiences with their musical selections. So with one crowd favorite after another, the momentum is being continued with Don Dadda.

DASECA productions have been behind some of the biggest hits in dancehall/Reggae over the last decade. Their vibrant and energetic productions have allowed them to deliver cutting edge music that continues to find favor in the hearts and ears of enthusiasts the world over.

Dexta Daps is DASECA’s newest talent, with vocal strengths matched only by the industry’s elite; and being apart of one of the strongest camps in Jamaican Entertainment, he is poised for eminent success.

The infectious track – Don Dadda came about as a result of this combined effort. Since its release it has found favorable airplay on local and international radio stations, websites and among some of dancehall’s top selectors, including Coppershot’s Mathew Grey and Cutty who believe that “Don Dadda is one of the most promising songs coming out of the summer and going forward. The song has also gotten an enormous vote of confidence from former P.Diddy and Rihanna d.j- Max Glazer of Federation Sound. Glazer thinks “It is one of the wickedest songs right now”.

The track itself feels like a celebration, a celebration of good musical beats fused together into a spectacular rhythm, a celebration of artistic genius even. The track starts with a slightly comical shout ‘We Find It!’ a symbolic utterance, to artistes and producers alike who must have the talent and an ear for potential hits to produce a track such as the one that became Don Dadda, great fusion of energies from DASECA Productions, Razz & Biggy and Dexta Daps.

Soundcloud Link – http://soundcloud.com/razznbiggy1/don-dadda-razz-biggy-ft-dexta

Facebook Page – http://www.facebook.com/razzandbiggy

Website – http://www.razznbiggy.com/


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