The Voicebox was officialized on the second day of September 2010. This muliti-accented VoiceOver Specialist is unique simply because of the variety offered. Jamaica has never seen one of this kind. Armed with a variety of accents and sounds, it’s almost hard to believe that these voices literally come from one individual, but they do!

Ramona has managed to manipulate the accents and tones of the British, the French, the Russian and the Spanish for a fun and flirty vibe in advertisements. It makes so much sense for these “characters” to be utilized in this manner, as persons want their themed events to reflect what they promote and advertise.

Since the inception of The Voicebox, Ramona has voiced drops and promotional announcements for DJ’s and Promoters in Australia, Miami and her very own island Jamaica. She is the official voice over talent for the popular beach party ‘Sunkiss’ which party goers enjoy twice a year, and was the voice behind two of the ten year anniversary ads for ATI 2010. Some of the other popular local events include Five Fridays, Russian Roulette and more. You can also hear interludes from her on Izah Bing’s hits 92 show.

The Voicebox is not limited however to only voiceovers. Some of the other services include Presenting/Hosting of infomercials, live events and Television programmes. She was the host for MDTV’s Out and About, and the host for Digital Microsystems’ DVD and YouTube infomercial. “Speaking for a living is not a problem for me”; she states, it’s really what I do best.

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