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‘Tra La La’ is the new tune Raine Seville is singing and no, its not to her new born Layla-Rei who said hello world of last year October 24th, but to the you as she is skipping her way back into the entertainment scene.

After a long couple months away, the sultry, sooth and dynamic song bird is back, not only with singles upon singles but projects in the pipeline that she will debut to the world very soon.

She has been hard at work, working on her craft, reinventing herself as an artiste and taking a holistic approach as an individual, due her whole new outlook on life and day to day inspirations.

Be on the look out for more and more Raine, as she has just swooped up a nomination for ‘International Female Artiste of the Year’ for the fifth annual Canadian Reggae Music Achievement Award which is set for Saturday, June 4 at the Jamaica Canadian Centre in Toronto.

She has showered her diversity back in 2010 with hits like ‘Nutten Nah Gwan’ featuring the stinger himself Wasp,‘Nah Guh Argue’, ‘What To Do’ and ‘Listen’ for Zj Chrome’s CR203 Records, so no doubt she won’t disappoint this year. Raine has made her mark in the industry and with time and her strong willed determination she will made strides in 2011.

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