Ragashanti ordered off air by Broadcasting Commission

The Broadcasting Commission of Jamaica (BCJ) has directed the management of (NNN) Limited to immediately discontinue transmission of Kingsley ‘Ragashanti’ Stewart’s popular call-in radio programme, ‘Ragashanti Live’.

In a statement this afternoon, the BCJ said that it had decided to take action following after receiving numerous public complaints over the last two months and after having conducted its own review of NNN’s programming during the period February 7 to March 2. Transcripts of the offending programming was also supplied to the media.

Ragashanti Live was held to have breached regulations by transmitting material that includes: profanity; may be harmful to children; is likely to incite violence or criminal activity or lead to a breach of the peace; and that which is malicious, scandalous or defamatory matter. NNN was also held to violate part of its license agreement which requires its to encourage positive values and attitudes.

“As a result, Nationwide News Network Limited has been cited by the Commission for at least 18 serious breaches of its licence and of the broadcasting regulations,” said the BCJ.

NNN has also been warned that it could have its license revoked should it fail to comply with its terms of license.

The Broadcasting Commission has warned Nationwide News Network (NNN) Limited that if it fails to take the specified remedial measures and or fails as a station to maintain the required public broadcasting standards, it risks a recommendation by the Commission that its licence be suspended,” said the BCJ.

Source: jamaicaobserver


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