Queen Paula hails 'Golden Girls'

Dancehall deejay Queen Paula has recorded a song for the new golden queen Shelly-Ann Fraser who won gold at Beijing Olympics in the 100-metre race. Silver medallists in the same race, Sherone Simpson and Kerron Stewart, were also given honourable mention in the song.

Entitled, Golden Girls, the song originated from a freestyle Queen Paula was asked to do for the STAR in support for the Jamaican athletes. Queen Paula, who is known for her lyrical freestyling, was quick to re-arrange the lyrics of her song Dismiss Dem to produce the lyrics:” Jamaica team inna di area, rule over all of/flex wid di baller, no man Paula/gi we weh a fi we mi nuh know weh di stall fa/yuh nuh see we status getting taller/ Jamaica team come fi wi title, gi wi or stifle … wi ago dismiss dem.”

Strength of our women

Ninja Man and General B were also asked to freestyle. However, according to Queen Paula, DJ Sparks from ZIP and Irie FM called her to do a dub of the song. She also encouraged Paula to record the song and give it to other disc jockeys.

Queen Paula said, “Di radio jock called and seh she want di song and from dere people been asking for it. She seh I mus send it out to Miss Kitty, Biggy and others … Dem a mad ova it.” Since making the jingle, Queen Paula has recorded the song for producer Benzly Hype.

Paula gave the STAR more of the lyrics, “Nuh gal caan test Fraser inna competition, no gal caan run faster/Jamaican team tallawah …”

Queen Paula has been avidly following the races and watched when Fraser took home gold for Jamaica. “Mi watch it and di girl come first and yuh see how everybody have up di man dem and neva did a talk bout the girls. It felt great to see dem. It shows the strength of our women. I am proud of dem, all of our athletes,” she said.

When the STAR contacted DJ Sparks she said she had not seen the story in the STAR, but knew about Queen Paula’s song Dismiss Dem. She said she thought it was appropriate for the race, especially after the remarks about Bolt’s arrogance and the American team’s effort in trying to get the bronze in the women’s 100 metres.

She explained, “Mi just get a vibe and seh dem US girls a sore losers … I said to myself ‘caan dis Paula’ if yuh change up di word dem it sound good, so she gwaan shot it up and distribute it.”

The song will be played on Sparks’ show for the first time Tuesday night. Sparks says she was upset that everyone was only talking about Usain and Asafa, forgetting about the women runners. She believes the song is a good one, especially for the women.

Mavado’s On the Go (Faster Than A Bullet), a song originally made for Asafa Powell, has also sky- rocketed in popularity as a Jamaican anthem for the Olympics. The official video for the song features the record breaking races of both Asafa Powell and Usain Bolt. On ‘Youtube’ the song accompanies-countless videos of Usain’s record breaking run in Beijing, with most persons believing the song was made for Bolt.

When the STAR spoke with Mavado’s manager, Julian Jones-Griffith, he said that Mavado had no plans to pen any more Olympics songs.

Rumours are also circulating that deejay Beenie Man is also looking to record a song about the Jamaican team at the Olympics.

Source: JamaicaStar


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