Queen Nikki and Sanka Igniting Relationship Rumours With Raunchy New Collaboration

Does dancehall have a hot new couple?

That is the question many dancehall pundits are asking after the release of a raunchy new single by former dancehall queen and international dancer Queen Nikki and fast rising deejay Sanka. The accompanying music video for the single which is entitled Best Wi Eva Feel racked up over 22,000 streams within a few hours of its release with several top flight vloggers immediately raising the question as to whether or not they were in a relationship based on how “comfortable” they appeared to be with each other on screen.

The fact that they are both under the management of Boysie Records/IClips Records who is also responsible for the rise of Intence and I waata further increases speculation that the two dancehall acts are spending a lot of time together and may be bonding musically and in other ways. But according to their manager Boysie he believes in unity in his camp and both artistes are adults so they are free to date who ever they want. 

“My artistes are adults so i don’t get into their personal lives so if dem deh or not is their business all i know is they make great music together and so far its been a pleasure managing both of them. They are both very talented, hardworking, focused and they listen. Right now we just putting in the ground work to add two more superstars to dancehall music and the world knows that i know how to create stars already so look out. By the way big up Intence and Iwaata dem cause a still my picney dem all when dem unrully”

Boysie stated

Queen Nikki and Sanka are the new acts in the Jet Life/Iclips Records camp following the exit of Intence and Iwaata who were pushed to stardom by the label but according to Sanka their is no pressure to out do what was done previously and he also underscored that their is no animosity towards the previous acts within the camp. 

“Me a real youth so me nuh wish bad for no youth and di general nuh pree negative nuh time so all the best to dem but me just a do my ting and stay inna my lane my focus is on growth and our team solid. At Jetlife everybody is one we share ideas, we par and we work as one with whole heap a respect and loyalty yuh hear dat. A greatness a di mission” Sanka stated. 

Currently the camp is kept busy promoting their Best Wi Eva Feel single as well as in studio working on several new tracks. And according to Queen Nikki just look out for great music. 

“We have some great songs to drop and some hot music videos so look out dancehall ago nice bad” Stated Queen Nikki. 


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