Queen Ifrica on fashion and sex appeal

Queen Ifrica says ‘sexiness’ can be achieved by accepting oneself. This is instrumental in how she perceives herself and how she dresses.

‘Sophisticated yet roots’ is how Queen Ifrica describes her style, which she believes is a depiction of ‘roots with quality’.

Among her top choice for designers are Zaid, who does spray painting on cloth, Afar, whose designs will be featured in the Daddy Don’t Touch Me There video, and also House of Tafari, which is from Boston.

As expected, an artiste who is currently ‘hot’ on the market will not always have time to choose her clothes or shop for them.

Ifrica has Charmaine Duhaney who helps her choose her clothes because she knows her sense of style.

Some artistes promote women dressing skimpily in order to feel sexy but Ifrica is not a supporter of this kind of dressing. She says this is “just being free-spirited” but not something she will ever do.

She believes that she is sexy, as sexiness is derived from “accepting yourself for who you are on the inside and outside”.

She says excess weight should not be a deterrent to women feeling sexy, once the person is healthy, because she does not believe in discriminating against people.

Ifrica believes men can be full of sex appeal once they have the ability to accept their manhood. They must have the ability to “be a man and let it be known”.

She added that, “sex appeal should be about being yourself and when you step out, you step out in confidence.”

Source: JamaicaStar

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