Que “Da Wiz” – Love Me (Lyrics Video)

Popularly known as the lead singer of the male group Kahlil, singer, song writer and producer Que is back on the scene and looking to re energize his solo career with a brand new single entitled “Love Me” on the Da Wiz record label.

The new song which is now being promoted both locally and internationally was recorded a few months ago and according to Que was inspired by a personal experience.

“I recall having that do you love me question for my spouse some time ago, we’ve been together for a number of years now and I thought why not put it in a song. The song is very relatable and so far the responses Ive gotten has all been positive”.

The self proclaimed “Versatile Entertainer” has also been working on a number of productions for other artists including Destiny Sparta who is his biological sister as well as newcomer Q’Vil.

“I like keeping busy so I have a lot in the pipeline at the moment.  A video Love Me is definitely in the near future as well as an EP to fully introduce myself to the public”.

In other news Que continues to pay homage to music legends with his latest effort being a rendition of Johnny Gill’s 1990’s hit single My My My which can be found on his youtube page. www.youtube.com/quedawiz1

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