Pulse's Petite Model Hopefuls Take on Challenge

The 15 finalists in Pulse’s Petite reality series recently travelled to Villa Ronai in Stony Hill, St Andrew, to begin the quest for a new title in Caribbean modelling. Eager to get noticed in the traditional world of high fashion and glamour, usually reserved for taller models, the girls showed spunk and exuded confidence as they proudly declared why they enrolled in the competition

While some want to prove to naysayers that they have all the right assets for the profession – if not the height – others simply want to show Jamaica and the Caribbean that their passion for fashion will see them through. And, although there were a few quiet ladies, most of the aspirants seemed focused as they unabashedly declared their desire to take the title.

The confident contestants ventured vociferously into their first test, which exercised their expressiveness. Challenged to work in groups, the contestants were tasked with delivering a promo for the very show in which they are participating. As the preparations progressed, the confidence quotient fell sharply and a number of girls who thought their group had aced the test came up short, when it came to presentation time.

Sanya Hughes sets the petite ladies a challenge.

Hard work for contestants

Undaunted, however, the girls proceeded effortlessly into their first challenge, delivered to them via television by Pulse’s most successful petite star, Sanya Hughes. Again, the girls soon found out how quickly impressions and assumptions can be extremely costly. Some competitors discovered that modelling is as much about working with directions and following instructions as it is about capturing glamorous images.

A few girls felt the pressure as they ventured into eliminations. In some cases, the challenge, which was to produce a simple beauty shot, got difficult.

The session also presented a peculiar challenge for the judges – social scribe Chester Francis-Jackson, Pulse general manager and fashion director Romae Gordon and Pulse CEO Kingsley Cooper. “How does your hand factor in your choice, when you are instructed to use your eyes, lips or smile as your focal point to produce your beauty shot?” Francis-Jackson asked one of the contestants.

In the end, blunders and healthy doses of laughter gave way to a generous judgement from the panel and a lucky set of contestants who, despite not all having A+ performances, made it through to the next round of competition.

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