Producer Greg Ice Gets Active Musically With Maestro Don

Many musical pundits are currently lauding the work of emerging producer Greg Ice who is being credited for quickly crafting a hybrid sound in dancehall that is gaining traction in the United States and other territories.

This sound is a melting pot of dancehall, hip hop and Afro-Beat which is very pleasing to the ear as can be heard in the producer’s latest project entitled “Active Mode” by dancehall deejay Maestro Don.

The high energy track which was released on October 1, 2021, along with accompanying music video has been buzzing in the tri State area as well as in Florida and it seems the Jamaican market is quickly catching up according to the producer. 

“The name of the track says it all (Active Mode) because it reflects our mode of operation at the moment as we continue to work as a team to develop a new sound that is more palatable to the international market in an attempt to push dancehall sales and visibility on a global scale.  Our goal is to make dancehall the main genre in world music and to do so the music must have global appeal which is why we are merging sounds and choosing universally appealing topics while keeping the songs catchy and fun” Stated Greg Ice.  

The New York City Based Producer Greg Ice of JahChlo Productions is an Old Harbour native and says he was always interested in becoming a music producer however he believes now is the right time to make his musical mark. He outlines that based on what he has observed enough emphasis is not being placed on the product which is the music as well as marketing strategies and the imagery employed in the music videos being released. 

“With good marketing and imagery anything of substance can be successful which is why we made sure to shoot a really epic music video for the track and I believe all producers/artistes should do so because at the end of the day people buy what appeals to them. We are big on quality and our work will show that over time” Stated Greg Ice.  

Active Mode by Maestro Don is currently available on all major digital platforms. Greg Ice credits his team for their collaborative effort with special shoutouts to Askel, Gee, 2Flyprince, Rickyblaze and Kimmy. 

See Video Below: 


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