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After teaming up on New Years Eve for ‘Masquerade’, Lawless Events and Club Privilege have decided to partner on another project, one that is sure to excite.

“After the feedback we got from Masquerade, immediately we advanced plans for a series leading up to the summer, we brainstormed and toyed with a couple ideas and concepts and POSH Saturdays was decided on,” said Sherilla Gordon of Lawless Events.

Come March 26th, Club privilege will be transformed into the party capital of Kingston. The name of the Event suggests exacty the look the promoters are going for.

“For POSH, the aim is to have that series where persons dress sexy, chic, come out looking really fly, really swaggerific and have a good time. We will also have the best of the best selecting each week. This week we have ZJ Ice and Zj Sparks on the turn tables,” Fabian O’Hara said.

For those of us who are hip and up-to-date with the hottest parties out, POSH is a must go event. The event runs from March 26th throught to June, with the possibility of being extended.

All members of the Lawless and Club Privilege teams share the same view, Club Privilege is the place to be, this and every Saturday.

Ladies 2-4-1 before 1:00am
Gen Adm; $1000
College Students $800 With ID.


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