Police vs Female Spalding High School Student in Jamaica

Not sure what took place but watch video with a female student from Spalding High, Jamaica being “draped” by a police officer.

  1. wah kinda reason him ave now fi a drape up d pikney. How dem expect pple fi look up to dem.

  2. A woulda sue out him blouse an skirt yuh si…….hold her by her hand…..wha kinda drape up ting dat? an a lik har wid batton? Mi care a wha mi pikney duh yuh nuh, but any police duh my pikney so…..Hey! wo be unto dem.

  3. Very disrespectful! When I saw this yesterday my heart was heating up. What justification this police have to treat this young girl like crap. That's the fundamental reason why war and violence can't stop in Jamaica.

  4. My father is a police, n I think of him as a good one, but mi just dnt rate police n cant rate them… him deserve a beating.

  5. Based on the young lady's disposition I can see that she either don't fraid a police or she's one rude teenager. Whatever the case maybe, police officers in Jamaica have too much power and this is slowly but surely becoming a police state. we need a body to monitor the decorum of police officers. Moreover we have too many mad men in the force who kill women, children and rape teenagers…

  6. Its amazing just reading these comments. That is why the country and the world will never get better. I'm not for what the police did, yes he was wrong to drape her, but do you think the girls reaction justifies anything?

  7. i would love to see how u wud react if he did that to u….u wud just take it? lol i thought we were humans with different personalities, not everyone will stay there and take it. she has hands….

  8. both actions aint justifed and the police is suppose to be trained to deal with people. If everyone was perfect den we obviously wouldnt need them

  9. Emron Emmy Williams smh…..Mi sure know seh Jesas never did a go mek him drape him like dat……Him would a start preach or suppen….Jesas always defend Himself….

  10. an wedda d likkle girl did wrong or not, d police nuh have no right fi hold her like that…..

  11. Pickney must kno dem place its a pity a dat alone she get an d poor police ass is on d line look like unuh nuh kno this generation of vipers #mi an police nuh fren don't kno this one but she too bright

  12. jcf still operating as back in the days of sherlock holmes. no concept of proper restraint. Looks like handcuffs too complex to understand and implement.

  13. Thanks rohan these police man is so disgraceful to the country that they represent that i dont know what to say anymore. Look at his face he is just a little blue bag holding the little girl like who does he think he is.

  14. I was told by someone who was there that she was in an overloaded taxi an the police officer told her to come out. She refused an when he tried to take her out she spit in his face an tried to fight him. Now I know police is fucked up in many cases but this one I don't feel is one of them.

  15. if that was my family he treated that way i would make sure hes fired. thats beyond disgraceful how can u treat a school girl that way. thers no justification i dont care what she did. so what if she was cursing! y is the jcf alllowed to bully and abuse children in this fashion? worse of all these are illiterate men. very disturbing

  16. That is so unprofessional, free speech all over if she tell u fi suck u mother u deal with it professionally, da police da wa two rass lick. big up u self john wayne . send the police them back a school fi learn how fi calm down people a no them fi get up set, it look like him more up set than the school girl dam.

  17. The video footage didn't supply enough information as to the circumstances that led to this unfortunate situation; But notwithstanding the circumstances, I condemn the behaviour of the " Police Officer" in question. It is correct for him to have intervened and even to apprehend, but there are prescribed as well as discretionary methods of handling such situations.
    The fact is that that particular "Police Officer" has an attitude problem….He's extraordinarily arrogant! I can say that quite forcefully since I recently had a personal encounter with him right in that very Spauldings Square! He likes to display his powers…especially when there is "crowd" around!
    I really don't think the Commissioner Of Police would be very proud of his way of handling that particular situation.
    Why then are we appalled at the crime situation in the country…amongst the young? Authority (at all levels) in the society needs to get back to "commanding" respect, instead of "demanding" it!

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