Pokemon Go Will Have You Addicted in Minutes

Earlier this month, Pokémon Go was launched in the United States and quickly became a phenomenal success, with millions of people signing up for the app which features childhood favorite characters in an augmented reality setting. In a matter of days, the highly-addictive game added $7.5 billion to Nintendo’s market value, sparking the curiosity of investors around the world. But what the hell is so special about this game anyway? Why were people (literally) falling over this new app? At first, we couldn’t seem to understand how a game could become so instantaneously popular in such a short amount of time and, like many others, we were quick to criticize its flaws.

But we had to be missing something. So, in order to find out what was so special about Pokémon Go, we decided to venture out into NYC’s Central Park, a so-called “hot spot” for catching Pokémon. While there, we tested out the app, caught a ton of Pokémon and, met some pretty cool players along the way. Before we knew it, the app that we once scoffed at became a fun and interactive way to play video games while also meeting new friends and above all, getting in our daily dose of exercise.


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