PLATI and the NAYKID-I release new song and video with a launch on March 25th

Bahamian band Plati and the Naykid-I are taking their music to the international level with a brand new single and video, “Wee Go”.

Plati is the alias of Tyrone “Butch” Bartlett, who managed to achieve a medical degree, and a successful career. This was done out of necessity to survive more than anything, even though artistic side always dominated his personality. Plati was always a free spirit and his vision of life has been shaped by traumatic and insightful experiences, the lessons of which he feels compelled to share with any ear that is willing to listen, whether for an audience of one or all, Plati is totally committed to purpose and elevation of consciousness.


The song “Wee Go” represents the act of swinging from one situation to the next on a rope or banyan vine. Banyan Vine is a metaphor for your personal life philosophy. It represents what gets you through life. If your philosophy is not well developed, you will fail. You have to be prepared to change philosophy by changing the vine/rope to get through life. The video shows the artist Plati swinging into many different situations, which shows the change of life pattern. From swinging into the life of the ghetto roadside philosopher, “Potcake” (a well known character in Nassau, Bahamas), to the culture lovers at the Fish Fry in Nassau. The act of swinging over rocks and trees depicts the many obstacles/challenges that one faces.

Plati says, “It was my goal to take video productions in the Bahamas to the next level, so I embarked on a radically designed concept by building a 20×40 feet green screen stage in my backyard. This stage was created and designed to capture the broad range of creativity I visualized when writing the song. This production was the most exciting adventure I ever embarked on. Some of the scenes were complicated because they required stamina and fitness to be executed, but in the end I was successful. Working with director and producer extraordinaire, Utah Taylor-Rolle, proved to be a winning combination because he is just as crazy as I am and willing to try and perfect almost any idea I come up with.”

According to director Utah Taylor-Rolle, the shoot for “Weego” was “fun”. He says “Plati kept me on my toes with his crazy ideas. His extraordinary brain would come up with crazy ideas but no plan of execution. But that’s where I came in, he described the picture and I painted it. One of the biggest challenges was getting the overhead chroma key shot with a jib that had no monitor. There were times when I was frustrated because of the stubborn nature of Plati, which resulted to several takes having to be done over, but it was an awesome experience I would live over and over again.”

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Source: AXE-S Media

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