Plati and the Naykid-I Concert a Success – More to Come!

Bahamian band Plati and the Naykid-I held their annual Christmas Party on Saturday December 10th, 2011 in Nassau, Bahamas and this year a concert was added to take celebrations to the next level. The concert was also streamed live online and featured fellow artistes Cedric Poitier and Chase Fernander.

Dredrock Rising cover

Lead singer and manager Tyrone Bartlett aka Plati says he loved the good vibes at the event and is very pleased that patrons enjoyed themselves. The Christmas party was in full swing when young talent Chase Fernander took the stage. The beautiful young singer performed 4 songs and was very well received vy the crowd. Cedric Poitier took the stage together with Plati for various renditions before Plati and the Nayki-d I took over the stage full force.

The band performed some favorites off their current album, “Dredrock Rising” including ‘Weego”, “I Want to be a Leader”, “Soaring” and “Steamy Rider”. With the crowd asking for encores Plati gave them some covers of popular songs by lenny Kravitz, George Michael and the Supremes followed by a very special treat. Plati performed songs off the forthcoming album for the very first time. The new album, which is scheduled to be released some time in 2012 will include songs such as “It’s our World” , a song addressing greed, corporate scavenging and global revolution. With matters of equality, global warming and capitalism being of importance to the band we will hear a lot more songs addressing issues with a political edge.

Thanks to the success of the Christmas event Plati is already planning a concert series for 2012 with invited guests and various feature artistes. Since the Bahamas can be a difficult environment to break new music and with a lack of venues for full size bands Plati is all set to create his own venue to highlight his music as well as other acts who need exposure. Plati wants to develop a platform and lead the way for young talent in the Bahamas aiming at international recognition and success.

Plati and the Naykid-I are already looking forward to the next show in 2012 and they promise their fans that they will not be disappointed with some great new music and a brand new live show for the new year.

In the meantime Plati and the Naykid-I would like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy new Year!

“Dredrock Rising” is available in stores as well as on all major digital outlets such as Amazon and iTunes.

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