PLATI and the NAYKID-I Are Gearing Up to Release a New Album And Video

Plati and the Naykid-I are getting ready to release a new album and video simultaneously on August 20th!

The Bahamian band has been making quite a name for themselves already across the Bahamas as well as the Caribbean and now they are ready to release an international album entitled ‘Dredrock Rising”. The music of Plati and his band is a cross-genre blend creating a truly international sound. The forthcoming album also features some junkanno remixes paying homage to their Bahamian heritage.

A new video is also ready to hit for August 20th for the single “Steamy Rider”. the video was shot in Nassau, Bahamas by renowned local director Utah Taylor. More details on the video as well as the album will be released soon!

In the meantime we can announce that the album and video release will be held on August 20th in Nassau with an old school backyard style party. Show time is 9 pm.



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