Pinky Gives Mimi Advice on Sextape Aftermath

Famed adult star Pinky shares her thoughts on Mimi Faust’s sex tape, revealing that she wasn’t initially interested, but after all the Internet chatter she became curious. She says that the tape turned her on, and feels it was definitely a smart business move on Mimi’s part. Giving her professional advice, Pinky says that the tape looks professionally shot, and her business partner agreed that they were shooting real scenes.

When asked about giving words of wisdom on dealing with the aftermath of the tape, Pinky says that as long as your comfortable with yourself, the backlash shouldn’t matter. She adds that fans are probably showing her love and support, which the adult star says makes things easier.

She also weighs in on Mimi’s young daughter learning about the tape, which she attributes to being “just life.” Pinky feels that good parenting is the key in keeping things together and says that Mimi is just trying to provide the best life for her family.

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