(Photo + Video) Rihanna at the Barbados Carnival Parade 2011

Rihanna has made headlines and caused a lot of uproar after attending Barbados 2011 Carnival this past weekend. Many people are outrage over her costume and her dancing for some unknown reason. Maybe it’s because they are ignorant to the carribean history and carnival. What Rihanna wore was a typical costume for carnival and was no more provocative than what lady gaga has worn on the streets. Carnival is all about the costumes and wining your hips to live bands.

To best describe it, it’s mardi gras without the boobs flashing and beads, so people get over it. I love Rihanna even more for returning to her mother land and celebrating carnival with her family friends and just plain everyday folks.

Anyways, take a look at the video and photos below.

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