Peter Tosh Son Could Face Up to 20 years in Prison

Family members of the late reggae singer, Peter Tosh, are seeking the public’s help in raising funds for the singer’s youngest son, Jawara McIntosh.

In 2013, McIntosh was caught by New Jersey police with 65 and a half pounds of marijuana in the trunk of his car. He was arrested and slapped with possession of cannabis charges. He spent six months in jail before he was released on US$70,000 bail.

With the matter still before the courts, McIntosh’s legal fees are on the rise, and as a result, his family has turned to crowdfunding to help offset the fees. An online crowdfunding account has been set up for Tosh’s offspring at Young Tosh’s family is hoping to raise more than US$137,000 to offset the mounting legal fees. According to the crowd funding website, the family has so far only managed to get US$100 in donations. To help gain donations, the website is set up so that persons can receive Peter Tosh memorabilia for their generosity.

Peter Tosh’s Legalise It CDs, personalised T-shirts and stickers are among the items one can get for donating.

In addition to setting up the online funding account, the Tosh family has also sought to raise awareness on the issue via social media.

Since last week, the administrator of a Facebook account set up in Peter Tosh’s name has been making posts surrounding the situation with links to the crowdfunding page, pleading with the public to help by making monetary donations. If convicted, McIntosh faces 10-20 years in jail.

via JamaicaGleaner

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