Peter Gunz: Jhonni Blaze Would’ve Stabbed Me If She Was Tara

Love & Hip Hop star Peter Gunz sat down with VladTV and shared his thoughts on fellow cast member Jhonni Blaze, saying he thinks she’s really cool and is definitely the kind of ride-or-die chick he’d like by his side if things ever go down. That being said, he’d never date the former exotic dancer because she may be just a little too crazy even for him, jokingly saying that if he ever treated her like he did Tara and Amina, she’d probably stab him.

He also knows that while some people only “act up” for the cameras, her “pop off” moments are real, and she couldn’t care less whether or not they are captured for the show. Lastly, he spoke on her sex tape, saying he couldn’t bring himself to watch it because he heard bad things about it, particularly that her head game was lacking.


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