PayDay Music: “I won’t take an inch of blame for this feud”


Kingston,Jamaica (Shuzzr & Mpr Consulting): In light of recent developments steaming from the murder of “Connie”, which includes lyrical insults being traded between both The Alliance Team & Chase Cross of The Gully Squad. PayDay Music Group issues the following statement:

“I Austin PayDay Green was the middleman / voice of reasoning between Bounty Killer & Movado after the tragic incident occurred. I spent weeks trying to fix communication between the two artist since it was one big family of us.

Though my sincere efforts to qualm the brewing feud and provide closure and justice to what transpired  my efforts weren’t successful as more lyrical insults came and I was subject to it as well.

I would like to make it known that there are many unscrupulous characters who have silently escalated the feud but I believe in God and he isn’t asleep.  Also the hypocrites who have been speaking to issue and isn’t fully informed, should just stop calling  and pinging  because at the end of it all people have feelings.
(In reference to Iyara and Bounty’s lyrical retaliation to Chase Cross Insults comments received).

Our focus and energy as a group should be directed in bringing the culprit to justice,assisting the family to find closure and moving together as unit.

Music is the element that brought us all together under the direction of Bounty Killer, a pioneer and a man who we all should respect in spite of our in differences.”

PayDay Music Group is focused with developing great Riddim(s) and promoting talented acts more specifically our new label artist “Sahie” and the Alliance Next Generation/ANG.

With current releases such as Bedroom Riddim for the ladies and Party spree Riddim, the group stands dedicated to delivering great music.


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