Papoose On Fight W/ Fat Joe, "I Put My Work In On The Middle Of That Chin"

Rumors recently hit the net of an altercation between New York rappers Joey Crack and Papoose. Fat Joe released a video Sunday (March 2) stating that he has never lost a fight since junior high school – showing his face, free of any brusises or cuts – yet Papoose says things did get physical.

Pap called into local San Fransisco radio station KMEL 106 yesterday (March 3) and spoke with radio personality Big Von and gave his account of how the fight ensued.

“I’m from Brooklyn, we don’t bow down to nobody, we don’t take no BS from nobody,” Pap said. “Dude came at me sideways and chose to approach me with a bunch of bodyguards and asked me did I have a problem with him. I asked him did he have a problem with me. We got into a scuffle and I did what I did. I put my work in.” [Listen here]

“Dude caught a fair one, Fat Joe,” he continued. “I told him all my men step outside, my two dudes, I only had two dudes with me, he had like nine or ten with him, and we’ll do the one on one. He didn’t wanna do that. He refused. So we just got it on like that. I got it on with all them dudes. You can’t deny the fact that I put my work in.”

When Big Von asked, “Did you tap him?, Pap responded by saying, “Hell yeah. I’m from Brooklyn. That’s what we do. I put my work in on the middle of that chin.”

Pap revealed that he believes the problem stemmed from him going on the radio and doing an interview with 50 Cent, Joe’s long time nemesis. He says that the altercation took place in Cassidy’s hotel room, but says he has no idea of how Joe knew that he was in that particular room. He also says that he’s lost respect for Fat Joe because he refused to fight him one on one and instead opted to attack him because the numbers were in his favor.

“You supposed to be a veteran in the game. If a dude ask you for a fair one, and you weigh such and such hundred pounds more than the individual and you can’t even grant a man a fair one, come on man, that speaks for itself.”

“Your whole crew, bodyguards, off duty police seen me ask you for everybody to step out the room and we do this one on one like men,” he added. “You can never deny that. You should have come like a grown man. You should have come like a G.”

He later went on to taunt Joe by saying, “Shout out to Floyd Mayweather, that’s my inspiration. Shout out to Muhammad Ali. Float like a butterfly sting like a bee, that’s why they call me P-a-p.”

Source: SOHH


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