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Supreme Promotions, the organisers of Sting — the greatest one-night reggae show on earth — has introduced quite a few innovations to this year’s Boxing Day event.

Sting 2010 is divided into segments, with one of the most interesting being the commentary section which features a somewhat eclectic mix of artistes including Twin of Twins, Tanto Blacks, Food Kartel and the comedic duo, Apache and Sarge. This segment will be hosted by none other than Mr Sports Commentary himself, Oral Tracey, who will be making his Sting debut.

“I have been on a Sting stage before, but technically, it is my Sting debut,” Tracey said with a hint of mystery. “And I am definitely excited about it. Sting is my show and this year it is even more so,” he added.

   TRACEY... I am definitely excited about it. Sting is my show and this year it is even more so.

The popular television personality, known for his biting, incisive and witty commentary, says he sees this appearance as a way of bursting out of being straightjacketed into all things sports.

“I am really glad to be able to expand my horizons in this manner, as some people think that the only thing I know about is cricket and football,” Oral Tracey explained. “But the truth is that I do have some level of interest and involvement in entertainment. Remember that I am also a judge on the Tastee Talent Trail,” he said.

As Tracey recalls, earlier this year, he did a function at which some members of the Supreme Promotions board were present and at the end of his stint a conversation developed and he was offered the job of hosting this year’s commentary segment at Sting. For Tracey, this was an offer that was just too good to refuse.

“I will be guiding the segment, possibly making some commentary on their commentary. But it will be an out-of-the-box kinda segment that will surely provide barrels of laughs and provoke a lot of thoughts,” the Sports Commentary host explained.

He noted that he quite enjoys the performances of the artistes on that segment of Sting.

“Twin of Twins and Apache and Sarge have been doing their thing for a minute and have quite a bit of skills; newcomers Tanto Blacks and Food Kartel are entertaining and can arouse an audience. This should be quite a segment,” Tracey said laughing at the mere thought of it.

After their memorable performance at last year’s Sting, the unapologetic, irreverent and hilarious duo of Peter and Paul — Twin of Twins — have this year secured a spot on this stellar event. For these artistes, nothing is sacred ground and their social commentary has hit their target bull’s eye on several occasions. The twins have been known to attract the ire of many of dancehall’s top artistes whose lifestyle and antics have become the butt of their jokes.

Apache and Sarge are well loved by a wide cross section of fans of all ages and are a staple on shows such as TeenSplash. Tanto Blacks is quite a mixed bag and Food Kartel is a bundle of fun.

Sting, the greatest one-night reggae show on earth takes place on Sunday, December 26 at Jamworld Entertainment Centre in Portmore, St Catherine. Other segments this year include the 13 Warriors featuring Beenie Man and Bounty Killer doing tune-for-tune, Sizzla, Gyptian, Etana, Lady Saw, I-Octane, Khago, Agent Sasco, Aidonia, Chuck Fenda, Richie Spice and Kip Rich and the 13 Bad Girls of Sting with deejays such as Macka Diamond, Ce’cile, D’Angel, Pamputtae, DI, Reggae Queen, DJ Face and others.

Source: jamaicaobserver

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