Opposition to criticise budget

Opposition Spokesman on finance Dr. Omar Davies will today make his presentation in the Budget Debate.








Opposition Spokesman on finance Dr. Omar Davies


Dr Davies is expected to criticise the $544.7 billion budget presented by the finance minister Audley Shaw as well as propose alternatives.

Sources say he will also take aim at the government for failing to record growth in the gross domestic product for the last 14 consecutive quarters.

Dr Davies is also expected to revisit the allocations made to the Jamaica development Infrastructure Programme (JDIP).

The opposition stormed out of a meeting of the Standing Finance Committee of Parliament almost two weeks ago, after accusing the Government of concealing the allocations to the controversial project in the Jamaica Public Bodies document.

Dr Davies argued strongly that the more than $8 billion put aside for the programme this year should have been set out in the Estimates of Expenditure.


SOURCE: thegleaner

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