Onstage TV Interview: Elephant Man (May 4, 2013)

The energy god of dancehall Elephant Man joins Winford Williams OnStage for an interview about his party schedule, past issues with JPS / taxes / rape charge / AIDs and his newly trending rumor about himself and 6 gay men swimming together in pool at his house.

Elephant Man Interview at the 2013 RWU Fest, Miami

“Well I just came from Barbados, me and Bounty Killer and Aidonia from Reggae on the Hill, carry my daughter and all,” Elephant Man told Winford. “We were cooking some food over the studio and Q45 called me and said Elephant look at this… you see how people wicked. Elephant Man gardener said Elephant and six persons from the gay community in him pool swimming… Why they didn’t write something good about dancehall, why they didn’t say we love how Elephant Man buy a nice house out of music and we proud of the artists them and Ele has a nice pool. If they want to come and borrow it I would lend them the key.”

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