'One Love' from singer I-Octane

“Bredda me love you; sister me love you; Mama me love you …”reggae singer I-Octane croons in his latest single which speaks not just to his love for family and friends but, in true I-Octane style, also embraces his ‘enemies’.

Titled One Love, the single is set to become I-Octane’s theme song to carry him through the rest of this year and into 2011, and seems a natural sequel to the lessons learnt from his monster hit, Lose A Friend.

Whereas Lose A Friend laments the death of someone close, One Love declares the importance of telling the person “I love you” because, “mi nuh know when Pharisees a go dun dem”.

“Love is an awesome feeling, and if you believe in word, sound and power, you will understand the importance of saying the words ‘I love you’ aloud,” I-Octane said of his song.

Although just released, the single has been added to the playlist of various stations, and I-Octane is on a mission to spread the message of One Love.

“We Rastafarians have always lived a life of ‘one love’. The great Bob Marley has a song called One Love, and it is for us to see to it that the ‘one love’ message remains true and strong. Tell somebody you love them today,” he urged. “But don’t say it if you don’t mean it,” he added.

Source: JamaicaStar


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