OMI – Behind The Scenes Photo Shoot for Karee Kuorum Magazine

Check out this behind the scenes footage to get a sense of what went down on Sunday Feb 24th As OMI did the photo shoot for The Karee Kuorum Magazine. Some of the crew we’ve worked with before, and others it was our first time. All of the creative professionals collaborating together brings us a great result and on top of that it was a day of fun. TeamOUFAH

Keneshia Nooks:: Publicist / Stylist – Oufah Media & Production
Wardrobe :: Oufah Media and Productions
Krystle Karee:: Visual Communicator – Karee Kuorum Magazine
Krusha RD Harriott :: Photographer
Sophronia Mc kenzie :: Entertainment Editor
Jane Michelle:: Model
Regina Gilling :: Makeup/Hair
Kemar Daswell :: Production Assistant
Christina Reid :: Behind The Scenes
Film Music: Oufah Media and Production

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