Old lady arrested for selling Ackee

Old lady arrested for selling Ackee on streets, Jamaica.


  1. we potia simpson miller de. she no love poor people look how the oman a try mek endz meet and police a hold har fi try mek a living just because she naw get no tax off he ackee dem cho god naw sleep. some a dem police ya no fi de pon road in the first place.

  2. she must have done more than sell ackee. maybe she is a suspect in a crime we know nothing about. why would the police arrest an old woman for selling ackee? 3rd world mentality at work africans hating africans.

  3. Yow Eaton Anthony Kirk Bell Chè Conquerah Stewart Kevin Mark Andre Thompson Gregory Campbell Noel Gordonmi hurt wen mi see dis. A suh babylon a move? Di likle ole woman a juggle likkle ackee jus fi nuh ded fi hungry an di police bwoy waa lock har up fi dat, an all a hall an pull di ole woman? All the dutty police bwoy deh, mi a wonda if all him nuh hav nuh mumma. Jamaica set a way! Jah kno star.

  4. Actually no. In Jamaica, vendors are harrssed if they don't have a permit. This permit is where tax are deducted from the areas which they are assigned.Seeing that she's an old woman I guess she can't afford to buy such a permit.

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