O.T. Genasis Explains How He Made “Coco” Single Kid-Friendly

Busta Rhymes’ protege, O.T. Genasis is on a roll with his breakthrough hit, “Coco.” The Conglomerate rapper sat down with DJ Smallz to talk about the success of the single, remixes to the track and how he responds to backlash over the single.

The Cali native has been on the scene with Busta for some time, but his single, “Coco” helped push the rapper into viral fandom. With his original video to the song grabbing over 45 million views on YouTube, O.T. is more than happy about his success. Aside from rappers like Freddie Gibbs and the Golden State Warriors reacting to the song online, the 27-year-old has faced some backlash from the song.

Genasis says he’s aware that a lot of children sing the song and has had no problem tweaking it for the Top 40 radio stations. The “Coco” rapper says he tells kids “coco” can be likened to the popular children’s cereal Cocoa Puffs.

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