NYC Accuses Damon Dash Of Running Unlicensed Club Outta DD172 Gallery Space

Damon Dash ran into some new issues this. Following all the talk about his financial struggles over the past several years, the once predominant hip-hop mogul has been hit with a lawsuit from the City of New York for serving liquor without a license.

According to Village Voice, Dash’s DD172 gallery space in New York City’s Tribeca area — which was touted as a gallery, photo studio, and rehearsal space — was also used as an “unlicensed club,” which residents of the area called a nuisance.

On Wednesday after noon (September 7), authorities served the property with a court summons and order to show cause.

Dash and his associated are being accused of six counts of storing and selling alcoholic beverages without a license, which is detailed in court documents obtained by the Voice. Apparently, DD172 was caught violating the liquor code for the first time in November 2010 and as recently as May, according to the affidavits of police who investigated the club.

The docs say the violations “were conducted in an open and notorious manner and the operators of this establishment appear to have evinced a ‘business as usual’ attitude in the subject premises.”

Also, the repeated violations are used as evidence that the club’s actions constitute a public nuisance.

DD172 was shut down in June of 2011, but some of Dash’s former neighbors are still mad at him.

“Damon Dash was a terrible neighbor. It was always super loud, super noisy, tons of garbage in the street. All these 18-year-old kids smoking and drinking — real thugs. They were disrespectful to the neighborhood,” one neighbor told the paper, who claims that “the owner rented to Damon Dash to f*** with the neighbors.”

“This isn’t a club neighborhood,” another resident said. “It used to be, but it isn’t anymore. If it was an industrial neighborhood, it would be fine.”


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