Nuffy begs for life – Hopes for things to return to normal

After being robbed of his car and money on New Years Day, and running away from his home in Portmore a few months earlier, MC Nuffy says he just wants his life back.

The popular MC said he was robbed of his possessions early Saturday morning while on his way to an event in a rural community. He said he was stopped by some men who took away his money and car.


Nuffy said he negotiated with the robbers to give him back his ID but was later ordered to start the car because the kill switch was armed.

“Mi ask dem fi mi ID and a run mi haffi run fi mi life, bout 200 metres mi run … an get a taxi drop mi a di police station,” he told THE STAR.

After alerting the police and ‘big man’ for the area, his possessions were returned. Although he reported the matter, Nuffy said he opted not to press any charges.


But the story does not end there, as Nuffy believes the robbery is connected to the accusations that were made against him in September that he stole money from people in the communities of Gregory Park and Christian Pen in Portmore. However, Nuffy still maintains his innocence and said the persons who accused him know this as well.

Despite this, he says he is still on the run. But luckily, he has been getting help from some good Samaritans.

“Dis a waan serious story ’cause mi fi dead from September. Mi life inna deep stress and danger. Mi a ask di man dem fi ease off a mi ’cause mi neva rob nobody. Mi caan live mi life the way how mi waan fi live mi life. Mi haffi run weh lef everything, even mi new things dem weh mi just done pay fa. All mi and mi woman lef. Mi just a ask the people dem fi give mi back mi life. Di people dem weh claim seh mi tief dem money nah tell the people dem from Gregory Park and Christian Pen dem seh a nuh me tek it,” Nuffy told THE STAR.

Sleep Inna Car

“Don’t seh mi a tief ’cause mi a nuh tief. Mi a ask the people dem from Gregory Park and Christian Pen fi stop chastise Nuffy. A mi car mi haffi a drive up and down and a sleep inna. Mi nuh have no weh fi go. Fi see the people dem weh mi big up a treat mi so, it hurt mi. Mi a ask dem fi leave me alone so mi can walk freely inna mi community,” he added.

The situations that he has found himself in has also caused him to lose his source of income.

“From di Christmas mi nuh mek no money. Mi caan go do no work ’cause mi scared a wah a gwaan out deh. Mi haffi pray to God every day. Who Jah bless no man curse. Mi only do Sting and GT Taylor show,” a distressed sounding Nuffy said.

Source: jamaica-star
Writer: Sadeke Brooks


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