Nomaddz is without question on a mission to international success, with a music video already in rotation and movie deals. The eclectic dub-poetry group formed at Kingston College where all members fused their talents for the creative arts and became known as Nomaddz.


Sheldon Shepherd, Everaldo Creary, Christopher Gordon and O’neil Peart the men that make the group are also recipients of the prestigious Jamaican Prime Minster Youth Award for excellence in the field of Arts and Culture which can be argued as a sign of great things to come. With creating a buzz in the entertainment industry Nomaddz has performed on may stages local and international, creating for them avenues that has caused doors to open for them internationally. With just their love for the performing arts and the drive for success they have also been able build individual .

Nomaddz is without a doubt a unique and creative set of “brothers” that seek to electrify the live music scene and produce positive energy through their music. Sheldon Shepherd, Everaldo Creary, Christopher Gordon and O’neil Peart the dynamic voices and names behind the Nomaddz movement are also fast rising trend setters. Recently starring in the most recent international Jamaican film ‘Better Mus Come’ and being billed for major live shows around the island. This groups Trod is blazing trends for other live music groups and bands in Jamaica.

With the music aside and the voices at rest they turn heads every time they walk in a room. With the style that fits their musical talent these tailored lords of style never seizes to amazing the audience whenever they walk onstage or merely make a trip to the supermarket. Sheldon, Everaldo, Christopher and O’neil not only take the music seriously but they take presentation of style as serious. The well dressed and tailored men often seen in blazers, sunglasses, vest and button down shirts often time mixes their style with jeans and footwear only they can pull off with there poetic style. Never fussy or overdone the group seems to without much thought puts together a GQ look each time making for not only attention to their music but to the attire as well.

Take a look at their style and judge for yourself.

Article by: Kemar Daswell



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