No new members for Voicemail

Although the shooting death of Voicemail member Oneil Edwards is still fresh in the minds of many, one cannot help but wonder what’s next for the dancehall group Voicemail.

Although the shooting death of Voicemail member Oneil Edwards is still fresh in the minds of many, one cannot help but wonder what’s next for the dancehall group Voicemail.

Before Edwards’ tragic passing, Craig Jackson was already collaborating and releasing singles for himself as well as with other artistes, including Busy Signal and more recently Demarco.

However, when THE STAR spoke to the surviving members (Craig and Kevin), they were adamant that the group still consisted of three members.

Jackson has been gaining increased solo success which is apparent with his Show It collaboration with Demarco debuting on the BET 106 and Park Countdown a few weeks ago as the new joint of the week.

The duo confessed that the times have been both good and bad since the tragic incident took place.

“It’s a rocky road, we have our good moments. It hit us this morning when we went to the German Embassy to sort out our visas for our European tour and it hit us that Oneil won’t be joining us but its all just a part of life journey,” said Jackson.

our own angel

When asked if the group would remain as is or if they would be adding a new member, they laughed ecstatically and exclaimed, “Oneil is still here, we still a group we are just blessed now to have our own angel looking down on us. Him a guh deh deh, nobody else nah tek him place. You just won’t see a physical body in one of the spaces.”

So what’s next for Voicemail?

Voicemail is set to leave the island on July 23rd, a day after Sumfest for a month long European tour.

They also informed that the group’s album entitled The Next Level will no longer be released next month but has been pushed back.

“It (the album) is in tribute to Oneil and me ah tell unu dis from now, if you never hear Voicemail before unnu going to hear we now,” boasted Jackson.

The two also said they had no plans of going their separate ways.

Both remaining members also agreed that the money that was initially meant for Edwards would be going to his pride and joy – daughter Neahlis – to ensure that she lives a safe and comfortable life.

“Jus put it dis way, ah two ah we and a we control tings so we say Neahlis set and she going to get what har fada suppose to get. Ah she ah go spen har poopa money,” the two joked.

Like any group, the three singers have their distinct dynamics.

Craig is the mushy, cuddly, loveable and laid-back one who at the same time is most miserable and meticulous when it comes to recording. Kevin, without a doubt is surprisingly the quietest and most unassuming member of the trio. Oneil, the baritone voice of the group, is the unspoken boss. The entrepreneur who took care of all the business.

According to Kevin, “he’s (Oneil) the man that while we sleep, he’s there pon the phone calling this person and that person, setting us up to record and all those things. He’s the man in charge.”

The surviving Voicemail members say they are asking fans and well-wishers to continue praying for them because at the end of the day they are still weeping inside despite their outward exuberance.

Source: JamaicaStar

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