No more 'Bleaching' interviews

With all the recent controversy surrounding his skin bleaching practices, deejay Vybz Kartel says that as of now he will no longer talk about it in interviews.

Speaking with The STAR on Saturday, the deejay said, “I Adidja Palmer am stating to the public that I will no longer entertain in interviews, discussion of my skin tone. It is a personal decision that I have made in my life and more importantly, it is my prerogative. I am a phenomenal entertainer and an entrepreneur and as such, there are too many facets for the main topic to be my skin tone and what I do in my private time. Enough already, circus dun!”

Vybz Kartel

This announcement came after the deejay gave a lecture at the University of the West Indies, Mona, on Thursday on the topic, ‘Pretty Like A Colouring Book: My Life and My Art.’ The deejay spoke openly about his tattooing practices and on the topic of bleaching, commenting that like other former taboos, bleaching has now become trendy. He also addressed issues concerning his decision to decorate his skin with tattoos of symbols like the pyramids of Egypt and the ‘all-seeing eye of Horus’. In recent times, these ancient Egyptian symbols have been associated with western secret societies that some believe have diabolical intentions to govern humanity.

Prior to Thursday, the artiste appeared on several entertainment shows both locally and internationally to discuss the issue. Recently, he was on New York’s premier hip-hop station hot 97, to defend his complexion. On that radio show, he told the public that he was bleaching to make his tattoos more visible. He also claimed to be full of racial pride despite alterations to his epidermis. The artiste talks about his bleaching practices in many songs such as Look Pon We in which he calls himself ‘Michael Cake soap Jackson.’ When asked, Kartel said that he has no intention to stop deejaying about bleaching. He said, “I sing about a lot of stuff in songs that people don’t exhaust in interviews.”

Source: jamaica-star

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