Ninja Man promotes One Umbrella Movement

It’s been 21 years since Ninja Man has touched Canadian soil, but this past weekend put that two-decade absence to an end as Ninja Man

It’s been 21 years since Ninja Man has touched Canadian soil, but this past weekend put that two-decade absence to an end as Ninja Man, escorted by his wife, held a press conference at York University promoting the One Umbrella Movement founded by the Don Gorgon himself.

“The press conference is being held to let the people know that after 21 years, Ninja Man is able to travel to Canada and also to spread awareness for the One Umbrella Movement” said Fabian ‘Fabo’ Hanson of Vibes Entertainment, who is responsible for obtaining Ninja Man’s travel documents to Canada, as well as the United States. Fabo, long time businessman, promoter and immigration consultant, has been chosen by Ninja to head the Canadian chapter of the One Umbrella Movement. The One Umbrella Movement was officially launched in Jamaica in December 2007.

Dressed in all-white, Ninja Man took his seat at the front of the conference centre, appearing relaxed, and focused on discussing the One Umbrella Movement and its organisation, which promotes non-violence, especially amongst the youth.

“There is no one better than me to head this movement. Bounty can’t do it; Beenie Man can’t do it. Only a man like me who has lived the life I’ve lived can be a role model to these youths, and telling them that if they go the path of drugs, they will end up like this, or if they take up a gun, they will end up like that. I’ve been down that road, which everyone knows, and it’s time for me to take up this cause to save the youths from a life that’s not good. I know, I’ve been there as everybody knows. The only two other man who could do this is Josie Wales, or Super Cat. We know that violence will never be eliminated, but we can at least bring violence down, and I am going to do it!” So said Ninja Man when asked how his life’s experience has prepared him for this role.

One of the mandates of the One Umbrella Movement is to have chapters in most Reggae consuming countries such as Canada, the United Kingdom, and the United States of America and throughout the Caribbean. Focus will be placed on giving youths resources they so badly need to take their minds away from violence, and focus on prosperity. As an initial offering, young entertainers will be given a sound system to hold their own dance in their local community. Also, there are talks of installing a car wash, and educating youths on business management.

Ninja Man welcomes participation from community leaders and non-leaders as the movement feels that everyone plays an important role. “A leader may be in a position to donate things we need, which is good. A non-leader might only be able to negotiate peace between two youths warring; we still need him too”. Ninja made it clear that he is the overall head of the organization, including chapters in other countries as he seriously joked with conference attendees when saying “Ah me run dih program no matta which part ah dih world me ah deal wid. Dem haffi do weh me tell dem fih do!”

Based on the reception by the Toronto Reggae/Dancehall community, it appears more than likely that Ninja and the One Umbrella Movement will get all the support needed to be successful.

Source: Natasha Von Castle of L3 Publicity / Jamaica-Observer

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