Nicki Minaj Has A Wardrobe Malfunction, Breast Exposed

Nicki Minaj has never been one to cover up her physical assets but the odds were against her on Friday morning (August 5) when she experienced a wardrobe malfunction against her will while performing on ‘Good Morning America.’

The ‘Pink Friday’ creator, who was sporting a curly blonde wig and mint green bra under a pink jacket, moved through her album track ‘Moment 4 Life,’ rapping through lines like, “I fly with the stars in the sky/ I am no longer tryin’ to survive/ I believe that life is a prize/ But to live doesn’t mean you’re alive,’ when the unthinkable happened: her breast became exposed to those in the audience and viewers watching the morning program from home.

Minaj showcased her rhyming capabilities as part of ‘Good Morning America”s summer concert series in New York City’s Central Park.

In other Nicki Minaj news, a 911 call was released by Dallas police recently, which included the Queens native screaming out that she was assaulted. News broke in early July that the rap star was the victim of an attack while staying in posh Hotel Palomar in Dallas, Texas. She refuted the reports, however, the audio details otherwise.

  1. ahy nicki you should do more shows so i can see more sexy body parts….this pic going at y desktop wall paper…sexyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!

  2. she dont care
    if da bitch kud b naked shewud. i jus dont like her fakeness n how shw carry herself as a female role model.  knownin that lil kids watch her n idealize her y wear sum of da stuff she do.  she shud knw if she shown to much or not.  wat happin to my homie? wer iz da old nikki n wear is da olod wanye. matta fact wear is da original cash money crew. wer iz manni fresh, bg, juvenile?  i c gutta sexy asz.

    1. Can you please speak proper english? And respect her, bitch. She is unique. Who are you to fucking judge her? 

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