Nicki Minaj Alleged Sex Tape To Leak, Says She'll Get On "6'7" Track

Nicki MinajAn alleged Nicki Minaj sex tape is on its way, and the emcee says she’ll be on Lil Wayne’s new single.

Months of speculation regarding a possible Nicki Minaj sex tape have culminated in a leaked photo which would seem to indicate that one will be hitting the internet soon.

A report, which shows the suggestive photo, has already been dismissed by many fans, who believe the photo is from another, unrelated pornographic film that does not feature Minaj.

There has been no word from Nicki’s camp regarding the video thus far.

In other news, the Young Money emcee plans to get on (presumably) a remix of Lil Wayne’s latest single, “6’7.”

Taking to Twitter, Nicki (@Nickiminaj) addressed both Lil Wayne (@liltunechi) and Cory Gunz, writing, “Oh word @liltunechi? Oh word cory?”

“Yall wanna come off w/o Roman?!?!” she added, referring her alter-ego, Roman Zolanski. “I think Roman finna jump on dat. Pauz”

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